The chef

Bruno loves pastry since he is very young. At 14 years old, he started his apprenticeship in Vence on the French Riviera. He quickly decided to travel in order to learn. He started with nice pastry shops in France or London, then he enters the Luxury Hotel industry: Irelande, Dubai, Qatar, Australia,etc.

In 2009, he decided to come back in France between Nice and Cannes, and created his very own macaron company, Mic Mac. Thanks to his passion and dynamism, the company grows vastly. A lot of big names trust him.


His Know-how

A good macaron must be soft and crusty at the same time. It is that contrast that gives this unique taste to the macaron.

Malaxing is as important as mixing or baking. According to the balance between ingredients, the macaron cracked or becomes dull. The magic is to master a precise gesture.

Ingredients are chosen carefully. Bruno works with natural and seasonal products which reveal their true aroma. The purpose is to have the intensity of the flavor by respecting the product

"Je raffole de macarons depuis ma plus tendre enfance. Mais je me dois de m'avouer, depuis ce matin, n'avoir pas abouti en terme de découverte gustative. En effet, je me suis trouvé à passer par votre boutique au Val Fleuri à Cagnes-sur-mer, quel régal ! Des parfums flottaient dans l'air, que je n'aurais jamais imaginer exister un jour sous la forme d'un macaron aussi séduisant.
Merci !"


His rewards

In january 2010, he wins the trophy for “best entrepreneur of Cagnes sur mer” following the extraordinary growth of his company.

In april 2011, he receives the second price in the contest « Star & Métiers » for his know-how and success.

In 2012, he is selected for the « Mercure d’or » contest.

In 2013, he is selected between the 100 remarkable companies in France.

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