Festival of Mountain gastronomy


From 14th to 20th January 2017. 

For the sixth consecutive year, Auron will celebrate gastronomy over a week with the greatest chefs from the French Riviera in order to showcase their talents at the heart of the resort and village's establishments. This mountain gastronomy-themed festival will be coupled with a small market offering artisanal and local products from the valley.  

At night, dinners made by renowned Chefs and Pastry Chefs from the region are served in a dozen restaurants in the resort and village. 

Macarons Mic Mac will be served at all diners as petit fours. Bruno Laffargue will do the desserts at Les Pivotes restaurant on Wednesday 18th January. 

A unique opportunity to try truly gourmet menus in a warm, laidback atmosphere.

See programme here.


8 Hands Diner in Falicon




Présentation of the macaron Maca’Bléa à la tourte de blettes especially created for the 8 hands diner around Niçoise cuisine on Thursday 15 December 2016 at 8pm at the Restaurant Parcours Live de Frédéric Galland in Falicon

Two years ago, Bruno Laffargue invented the soccer macaron which was an tremendous success. He does it again with a traditional niçoise dish: the sweet chard pie.

Les Chefs cooking in Falicon:

- Frederic Galland Restaurant Parcours Live

- David et Noëlle Faure Toques Brûlées

- Bruno Laffargue Mic Mac Pâtisserie

- Laurence Duperthy-Stramiglioni Notes de cuisine/Variations Gourmandes

The new macaron, Maca'Bléa, will be available at the boutique from Friday 16 December 



43th Sucre ans Chocolate Fair




On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November from 9am to 7pm at the Palais des Congrès of Juan-les-Pins.

Chocolate and Sugar Pieces Exposition and Croquembouche competition.

Meet your artisans Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers and taste their wonderful products. 



Christmas before time



Event organized by Bruno Laffargue on Monday 17th october in the Moulin de Mougins.

We have on the French Riviera many passionates and creatives Pastry Chefs who loves to work tasty products. Rarely on the center stage, they deserve to be known and recognized for their talent.

In a pleasant atmosphere and in an exceptional setting, this is a showcase of traditional Christmas bûches that the Pastry Chefs will sell in their boutiques during the festive period. Al least 30 Pastry Chefs will uncover the highlight of their 2016 bûches collection.

Aside of this exhibition, a Pastry competition is organized, with a theme « Christmas éclair ». The three best éclairs chosen by our jury of connoisseurs will receive wonderful prizes from our sponsors Patisfrance-Puratos and Cap fruit
This event is for Press and Pastry Professionals only.


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Fun Masterclasses

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