Mic Mac's success is diversity !

Salty, monthly, seasonal ... A choice that is renewed every month !


Sweet Flavours

Coffee Vanilla Raspberry Wild Strawberry
Fig Cherry Tonka Coconut Pistachio
Dark chocolate Caramel salted butter Blackcurrant Lemon
Rose Violet Liquorice Orange Blossom
White chocolate Pralin Chocolate spread Bounty
Passion Fruit Mango Yuzu Cotton Candy
Ginger Banana Smurfs Choco Mint Mojito
 Pomelo Violet Peanut  Corsican Clementine Chocolate Chestnut Cream 
 Gingerbread Spéculos Gluten free  Champagne   

Savoury Flavours

It is better to order them in advance ...

Foie Gras Truffle Parmisan Carrot Cumin Tomato Basil Mascarpone    



Flavour of the month


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Unique Showpieces

Discover our original Pièce-Montée…

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Fun Masterclasses

Come to learn how to make macaron with Bruno Laffargue.

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