Mic Mac Pâtisserie was created by Bruno Laffargue, Pastry Chef.
At 14 years old, he started his apprenticeship in Vence on the French Riviera. He quickly decided to travel in order to learn. He started with nice pastry shops in France or London, then he enters the Luxury Hotel industry: Irelande, Dubai, Qatar, Australia,etc.

In 2009, he decided to come back in France between Nice and Cannes, and created his very own macaron company, Mic Mac. Thanks to his passion and dynamism, the company grows vastly.« I engaged on the road of maximum quality, diversity and service ». A lot of big names trust him, and this craftsman has a lot of ideas to develop his company.

His Know-how

A good macaron must be soft and crusty at the same time. It is that contrast that gives this unique taste to the macaron. Malaxing is as important as mixing or baking. According to the balance between ingredients, the macaron cracked or becomes dull. The magic is to master a precise gesture.
Ingredients are chosen carefully. Bruno works with natural and seasonal products which reveal their true aroma. The purpose is to have the intensity of the flavor by respecting the product.
We create our macaron shells from an Italian meringue base, guaranteeing a crisp finish. Sizing is made manually so each of our macarons has is temper! This is the beauty of craftsmanship. The fillings are not butter cream or jam, but a recipe elaborated by Bruno Laffargue after years of hard work.

We freeze our macarons when they are at their peak quality to stabilise and preserve them for up to 12 months at -18°c. Once they are defrosted, they will regain all the qualities of a freshly produced macaron and will have a shelf life of up to one week when stored in the fridge.



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